(MHI)…are more than suppliers of professional services - they are an integral part of my business... Continue reading

Jonathan Arron - Jonathan Arron Residential Limited

MHI has been a crucial and key aspect of the success that has been achieved... Continue reading

Michael Artemis

I can honestly say that at last we have found what for us is the holy grail in accountancy support... Continue reading

Adrienne Cohen - Hothouse Communications Limited

I must say that I continue to be incredibly impressed by their proactivity and personalised approach... Continue reading

Chris Sutherland - The Kitchen Company Limited

Of course, no matter how good a website is, there really is nothing like personal contact so please feel free to get in touch

Clive Wilson - MHI Accountants

Welcome to MHI

You’ve taken the first step towards finding out more about MHI accountants and we are delighted to help you discover how you can achieve the success you seek.

Your business is unique. Your definition of success is also unique. It’s our job at MHI to work out how we help, support and work with you so you achieve your definition of business success. Please have a look at what business owners say about MHI and be assured you’ll get more for your business when working with MHI.

MHI is on a mission to…

...Make Your Success Our Business

Every service you buy from MHI is underpinned by our commitment to your success. This requires...

A Successful Working Relationship - And what's the definition of a successful relationship?

See what Adrienne Cohen has to say about how our successful relationship helps her and her business... more

Business Expertise - A successful business regularly overcomes challenges


Whatever the business challenge, MHI clients like Chris Sutherland know where to turn for appropriate workable solutions… more

Tax Expertise - Success isn't just about the business making more money


What use is making more money if you don’t get to keep it! Graham Keen is clearly delighted with the extra £30k he has to spend... more

Welcome to MHI Accountants

“Making your success our business” is a promise.

This promise shows up in the meetings we have. This promise shows up in the telephone conversations we have. This promise shows up in the accountancy work, tax work and other work we do for you.

You’ll find we are serious about…

...Making your success our business

Call us on 01923 891500 and book a free meeting with one of our directors and see how we can help you improve your numbers… and we don’t just mean the numbers that start with a pound sign.

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